We are continuing on our quest to become a one-stop-shop for compliance services throughout the UK; ASKAMS have added to their current training courses by incorporating Health and Safety training which complements the services we already offer to our clients

As reported recently in the news and by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine as much as 60% of deaths could be prevented from injury if Basic First Aid Training was more readily available; not just in the workplace but via public health initiatives and even as part of the standard driving test.

It is worrying to find that even though 93% of people if they came across a situation that required an ambulance would call 999; only around half of that percentage would even attempt first aid treatment whilst waiting.  In those vital minutes a just few small steps could be taken to improve a person’s chance of survival.

ASKAMS are now accredited to provide ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ within each of their regional training facilities and at locations to suit our clients.  The course is HSE approved and endorsed by ‘The Association of First Aiders’ will be delivered by our Health and Safety Manager and will ensure that you are able to meet your regulatory requirements in relation to emergency protocols and risk assessments.  In addition employees will feel safe that if an accident were to occur basic lifesaving first aid treatment can and will be administered immediately.

For more information on course content and availability please visit the training page on our website