ASKAMS are extremely proud on their first submission to have been awarded a RoSPA silver award in the recent Health and Safety Awards.

The organisation holds similar values to that of ours ‘Putting Health and Safety First’

And their mission is to ‘lead the way in accident prevention’.  RoSPA works tirelessly to provide a foundation for its members to incorporate Health and Safety into the heart of the workplace.

By submitting an entry we allowed our practices and procedures to be scrutinised by an expert panel consisting of highly experienced health and safety professionals including:

  • The Health and Safety Executive
  • National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Skills Funding Agency
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

A range of performance indicators are taken into account before the award level is decided; the judging panel look at various factors for instance:

  • Consistent application of risk control measures
  • The development of systems and cultures within an organisation
  • Improving compliance
  • By having a rigorous approach to health and safety

Receiving the award allows us to build upon our reputation and commitment to constantly achieving a high standard of health and safety in all tasks that we undertake; whether that is in relation to health and safety management or the performance of our staff, contractors working on behalf of ASKAMS or the safety of the public who could be affected by our activities.

doc4We believe strongly in our commitment to embracing responsibility for the company’s actions and to encouraging a positive impact through all of our actions.  This ethos has allowed us to develop and support our existing client base whilst building new relationships.  Receiving the award strengthens the dedication our team has towards our ‘Target Zero’ health and safety campaign.  Continuously raising awareness amongst our employees on what their responsibilities are in being able to assess hazards and control the safety of jobs that we carry out.

Aaron Dodd our Technical Director is extremely pleased at being recognised by such a well-known organisation, discussing the award he said:

With the appointment of our new H&S Manager as part of the company’s growth strategy we are delighted to be RoSPA Silver Award winners this year with our first application, having achieved a high level of performance underpinned by good management systems which are delivering consistent improvements and are working towards the level of excellence required for a Gold Award next year. This is a fantastic achievement to under pin and drive our Target Zero values and culture.”