ASKAMS are very vocal about our staff being the backbone of the company and that without them we wouldn’t be continuing to grow and develop.  We want to be able to support individuals who are interested in making a career for themselves, who are looking to get out into the working world and learn as they develop their skills and abilities.

Following the successful completion and subsequent permanent employment of Erin Coney after achieving her Level 3 NVQ certificate in Business Administration we approached TyneMet College in relation to their ongoing apprenticeship scheme.
DSC_0241Stephanie Young joined the ASKAMS administration team in August last year with a view to completing her Level 1 NVQ in Business Administration.  Throughout her short time with the company she has already become a valued member of the team and has progressed well in the role she has been given.  Not only does she work full time within the scheduling hub Stephanie has to balance her studies at the same time.  We give her the time and support that she needs whilst allowing her to develop her skills and gain valuable experience about the industry.