Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Managing Director’s Statement of Health and Safety Policy

All employees are responsible for helping to ensure ASKAMS operates a safe workplace, maintaining and meeting legal requirements. I accept, without reservation, the Health and Safety Policy and its implementation in respect of those areas that fall within my responsibility. I will personally ensure that sufficient resources, including people and finance, are made available to enable the commitments in the Policy Statement to be achieved.

ASKAMS will strive for continuous improvement in safety, fire prevention, occupational health and safety, whilst maintaining compliance with current legislation, which will be supported by the widespread use of risk assessment techniques to identify improvements and prioritise action.

Key elements of my Policy are to ensure that

• This Policy is briefed and made available to all employees

• A briefing structure ensures that health and safety is discussed with all employees

• Training and resource needs are identified and met

• Health risk assessment processes are in place for all employees

• Contractors and suppliers understand and apply this Policy

• Risk assessment techniques are used to inform this Policy

• Hazards and unsafe acts are reported, prioritised and corrected

• A comprehensive programme of safety audits is conducted

• Robust security measures are in place to minimise personal injury and property loss

• The risk of fire is reduced through training, audit and inspection

• Personal injury and property damage is reduced • Safety information such as reports of accidents, incidents and near misses are regularly reviewed and used to promote accident prevention.

Whilst I accept corporate responsibility for the safety of the Company, I have allocated specific safety responsibilities to managers, who are all aware of their personal accountability for upholding the ASKAMS Health and Safety Policy. All directors and managers will also continually demonstrate to employees a lasting commitment to improving our safety performance and associated procedures.

A cascade of setting and monitoring of personal Health and Safety Objectives will take place from director through to supervisor level. This system will ensure that we strive for continuous improvement and that our health and safety objectives are met.

Safety will be a subject for open discussion at all levels. Everyone must feel able to suggest ideas for safety improvements. All employees are encouraged to report defective equipment/conditions, make suggestions and challenge existing standards through their manager.

All employees have a legal responsibility for their own safety and that of others they could affect by their actions or omissions. A good safety record is only achieved by good teamwork, involving everyone working at ASKAMS.



Stewart McNicholl

Managing Director