Air sampling and testing detects the level of asbestos fibres within the atmosphere and should only be carried out by a qualified asbestos analyst.
Our on site team and trained and qualified and ASKAMS are accredited to ISO 17025 to test for asbestos fibre, air sampling and microscope counting of asbestos in the air.

The results of the testing and monitoring is collated and communicated to all parties by pre-agreed methods – online or by email.

Our consultancy service can then provide a course of appropriate action dependent on the results of the testing.

 Analytical Air Monitoring

We offer 3 levels of service attendance during and after asbestos removal. We are governed by legislation, including the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012).

Provision of an Analyst

An ASKAMS analyst will provide quality control monitoring and the issue of Certificates of Reoccupation for enclosures. Our entry level of service, and for organisations that have sufficient existing management and supervisory elements in place. Nevertheless, essential in ensuring legislative compliance to personnel and the enforcing authorities.

Asbestos Removal Contractor Management

Management of asbestos removal projects is similar to management of other construction activities. Methods statements are checked prior to works commencing and the contractor is rigorously vetted and controlled during the works. Although similar to supervision, the distinct difference is that we operate in an advisory capacity to both client and contractor, helping to keep the project on track whilst the licensed asbestos removal contractor remains responsible for the contracting element of the project. Our management representative will give you regular advisory updates and carry out all the analytical duties needed on site by you and the contractor.

Turn Key Asbestos Removal Project Management Services

Following surveys and inspections, the decision towards the next step can often be a daunting one even for the experienced asbestos manager. We offer advice and consultation on best value approaches to asbestos remediation, including analysis of the ongoing costs of management, the viability of encapsulation and the long term benefits of removal. If work is needed, we can compile and issue tender documents to reputable licensed asbestos removal contractors. On return we will issue a tender report and recommendation of appointment. Following a decision on the level of ASKAMS involvement in the project we will attend pre-start meetings, and discuss the project with personnel who may have concerns. Our support services can continue during the project, handling cost control, valuations, final accounts etc. We can even oversee press releases for highly sensitive projects through our retained PR partners.

Why have an analyst present on site during the works?

An analyst on site is a competent person versed in the perceived black art of asbestos removal. In addition to providing data to answer the all important question of is that being done correctly the analyst can liaise with enforcing authorities and ensure smooth running.

I only need to have a Certificate of Reoccupation issued under the regulations.

This is correct, but consider this; asbestos removal and nuclear activities are the only 2 HSE licensed activities in the UK. An analyst arriving at the end of a removal project after the asbestos waste has left site, the enclosure is cleaned etc is unlikely to grasp the full scope of the work activities. This leaves the client vulnerable to failure of the inspection causing overrun or worse still the analyst not being able to issue a Certificate of Reoccupation.