Quality Policy Statement

The Managing Director’s Quality policy Statement

ASKAMS believe that businesses are responsible for to provide an accurate, efficient service of the highest quality and in compliance with the relevant ISO/IEC Accreditation Standards for those activities for which it is accredited by UKAS These services are, and shall be, available to both the public and private sectors covering all aspects of the work that it undertakes.

We are therefore committed to provide the customer/client, or their representative, cooperation in allowing reasonable access to relevant areas of the Laboratories for the witnessing of tests performed for the client.

Key elements of my Policy are to ensure that:

• Ensure all staff is trained to the highest standards, with approval audits completed for all activities.

• Have an impartial audit team that are free from commercial pressures measure the ability and mentoring of all staff.

• Works closely with professional trade organisations and training providers, with key staff attending industry working groups and seminars.

• It shall be the responsibility of all staff to familiarise themselves with the content of the Quality Manual and comply with the policies and procedures within it and associated QSOP documents, at all times. These are made available to staff at all times.

• The Quality System is designed and operated to ensure that the requirements of the ISO 17025; ISO 17020 standards are fully met on an on-going basis and reviewed regularly to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

• Strive to achieve best in industry status at all times.

ASKAMS management shall be committed to good professional practice and to the quality of its testing when servicing its customers/clients.

Whilst I accept responsibility for the Quality of the company services, I have allocated specific responsibilities to board members and managers, who are all aware of their personal accountability for upholding the ASKAMS Quality Policy. All directors and managers will also continually demonstrate to employees a lasting commitment to improving our Quality performance and associated procedures.

A cascade of setting and monitoring of Quality Objectives will take place from director through to employee level. This system will ensure that we strive for continuous improvement and that our objectives are met..


Stewart McNicholl:                     

Managing Director