Together_Housing_Grouptogether housing

Client: Together Housing Group


Location: Northern Yorkshire – Lancashire


Term: 3 years


  • Provision of Asbestos Consultancy Services
  • Surveying
  • Testing
  • Removal Monitoring
  • Technical Specification and Tender Consultancy
  • Asbestos Management Policy
  • Plan Audit and Review, UKATA Asbestos Awareness Training
  • BOHS P405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings
  • 35,000 homes the result of combining housing stock from 6 small to medium housings association. Providing housing for 50,000+ residents.


  • Delivery of services to tenanted properties ensuring HSG264 guidelines are followed without creating unnecessary disruption to tenants.
  • Ensuring capital improvement schemes are provided with adequate asbestos survey information without impacting on project delivery dates.
  • Delivery of strict KPI on void, repairs and maintenance programmes.
  • Communicating with multiple project departments and delivering quality surveys to each teams’ expectation.

Benefits to Client

  • Adequate geographical skilled, experienced and competent resource to ensure KPI’s are met.
  • Central scheduling hub with trained customer service staff liaising with tenants and project teams Compliance Services Ltd to ensure communication and delivery.
  • Easy to use asbestos management software so each department and sub contractors have access to required survey and air testing reports and compliance data.

“At Together Homes we recognise the importance of ensuing our capital investments projects are kept on track and our tenants are keep safe and happy. The hub and field team work really hard to make sure that we achieve this together. There have been situations were deadlines have slipped however, this has been out of ASKAMS COMPLIANCE SERVICES LTD’s control. Regardless of the cause they are quick to remedy issues and get back on track.”

Together Housing Group